The Best Restaurant in Portland

India is famous for its exotic cuisine prepared with artful and exquisite combination of spices. Here at India palace cuisines the chef creates and provides our guest with the authentic cuisine from Northern India, famous for its savory clay oven dishes and exotic curries. The excellent food speaks for itself however we trust your visit at India palace cuisines will be reminiscent of the traditional cuisine of India served by our staff. We have brought this cuisine to Portland Maine and have set up the best restaurant.

As you know, India is a country with a rich and diverse culture. The cuisine of India is just as diverse, with different regions of the country having their own unique flavors and dishes. Here at India Palace Cuisines, we specialize in the cuisine of Northern India, which is known for its savory clay oven dishes and exotic curries.

When you come to India Palace Cuisines, you can expect to find all of your favorite Northern Indian dishes, as well as some new ones that you may have never tried before. Our chef is always creating new and exciting dishes for our guests to enjoy, so there's always something new to try. And of course, our staff is always happy to recommend a good dish for you, based on your individual taste.

So come on down to India Palace Cuisines and enjoy the best that Northern Indian cuisine has to offer!

We even offer complete catering and event planning for all occasions, large parties or intimate gathering at your location or at the India Palace. Whether planning to celebrate a special occasion or just a quiet romantic evening, India Palace offers beautiful d├ęcor, friendly staff and the finest cuisine to guarantee an evening to remember. With a simple, uncluttered design the restaurant has an open, airy feel. Even when the restaurant is fully booked an element of privacy is retained.

Our best restauarant in Maine has a second location with a second best restaurant in Nashville. Some of our sponsers include people that have excavators for sale in Maine, classic cars for sale in Maine and others that just enjoy gold prospecting. We look forward to serving your family!

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